B. A. Computer Services is a faith-based business endeavor that is looking for an entrepreneurial-minded office manager who has a bent for technical learning. This manager must learn some technical language and assist engineers occasionally as directed. We hope to find a trustworthy individual who already has a vision for business growth and would enjoy taking charge of the business office:

  • Is gracious, pleasant, and can maturely greet customers, and provide general technical sales information (we’ll train! And you can have cheat sheets too!)
  • Has a legible writing hand — we must be able to read what you write!
  • Is not at all scared of using computers without need for hand-holding
  • Some computer technician experience is highly preferred
  • Strong focus on doing things consistently right, documenting best practices as we go
  • Humble enough to take care of any necessary menial tasks for sake of customer neatness — vacuum, desk organization, flyer creation, help elderly with bringing in a computer, etc.

Please email resumes in PDF format to clerk @ [this domain]. (We are writing it this way because spambots automatically scan websites for email addresses and will spam us. Please make the correct substitution. If you cannot determine what a domain is, regretfully this position isn’t right for you.)

Editor-in-Chief 903-243-9588

Scammer's beware, God has got your number!

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