Avoid Lenovo Like Covid-19!

Avoid Lenovo Like Covid-19!

We want to relay our experience with Lenovo Warranty support. On a scale of 1-10, we would rate it a negative 5. Other’s have had similar experience and have documented them on YouTube. See the links below.

Here are just a few things that were really bad about Lenovo.

  • The Lenovo laptop that we attempted to service had no US-based parts available. All the parts we needed were made in China and not available in the United States from resellers. The cost of getting such parts from an over-seas vendor was more than the cost of replacing the laptop.
  • The warranty support service website does not update. When you enter a support request it lists that you have submitted a request, but nothing further is ever updated. In fact, the status said my repair was “In progress” when in fact the laptop was still sitting on my desk and had not yet been shipped to them. It never changed.
  • It is possible to get a live agent from the chat bot by typing in “agent”. But the live agent I received was not a US citizen (asked and answered), and agents often are unable to communicate in clear English.
  • The best way to get an agent on the phone was to have them call back. The automated system did this fairly well, but each time the agent asks if you are over 16–which of course they cannot verify–its just an annoyance. Then this foreign person tries to give you the same information available on the website that we already checked–useless information.
  • A threat of lawsuit and bad publicity for their brand finally gets them to attempt a little more effort. The additional effort is that they say they will submit a followup with their headquarters. That is it, and it never comes back with anything. They do not email you with any new statuses or updates. You have to keep calling them back.
  • In this case, we hope to get our laptop back. They finally sent an email saying it was shipped back, but failed to provide a date shipped or a tracking number on it. After several tries, they provided a FedEx tracking number, fedex.com showed it not to be found. We confirmed the number. They said to wait 48 hours and check again. In other words, they send out an email falsely saying laptop shipped back, when in fact it hasn’t been received by FedEx at all. The email was timestamped 5 am, so by now FedEx should have picked up.
  • Final result. Laptop did finally arrive back repaired, on a different FedEx number. We consider ourselves lucky we got it back.


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