Help Enduring CoronaVirus

Help Enduring CoronaVirus

B. A. Computer Services has been carefully evaluating our information sources regarding Coronaviruses. Traditional news outlets, and social media hype are among the worst sources of information.

B. A. Computer Services is not a source of medical information. However, we would like to point out what we feel is solid information. We do not endorse the opinions of any of the these sites, but discern they are providing more quality and complete information.

Wikipedia has some of the most factual and complete Coronavirus information: and
Two facts we gathered: Coronavirus is the name of a family of viruses, of which COVID-19 is the new strain. COVID-19 is not entirely new, but a variant of SARS.

For statistical comparisons with the typical flu virus, review: compared to the continually updated Coronavirus map

B. A. Computer Services remains OPEN to provide mobile or curbside pickup/delivery service to healthy customers. Service will not normally be denied, but extra precautions may be appropriate.


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