To 11 or Not To 11?

To 11 or Not To 11?

Microsoft 11 Gotchas

To make it short and sweet, the main reasons to use Windows 11 are:

  • It came with your new computer.
  • You enjoy dealing with bugs.
  • You are certain you will never use an older application again
  • You do not want to buy your own antivirus software

Reasons NOT to upgrade to Windows 11 are:

  • Windows 10 is a well tested platform
  • Windows 10 still contains support for older 32 bit apps
  • Windows 10 will upgrade from Windows 7 unofficially
  • Windows 10 will upgrade from Windows 8 unofficially
  • Windows 10 will run on older hardware that 11 cannot
  • The Windows 10 Defender antivirus is free and decent
  • Windows 11 will not run on hardware as recent as 2018

Nevertheless, Windows 11 will soon replace Windows 10 because:

  • Microsoft may eventually stop security updates to Windows 10 users
  • New computers will automatically come with Windows 11
  • Microsoft may force eligible Windows 10 users to upgrade to 11
  • Microsoft may strongly encourage older machines be replaced
  • It may be in your best interest to buy a new computer, see break-throughs in technology
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