Automated Attendant

Have a realistically sounding voice automatically answer calls for you and optionally select a customized menu based on caller number, time of day, or other criteria.

Internet Phone Services

Expand your ability to answer phone calls to several cellular phones, landline phones, or your computer. Use multi-ring, or ring-then-forward hunt sequences until your caller finds you.

Media Editing Services

We offer a wide range of mass-editing services for media and multi-media conversions. This can be as simple as reproducing a master CD or DVD or converting it from tape cassette to DVD. It can also involve adding a background track to a motion video, or words on the screen. High definition camcorder video can be downsized for faster streaming, or a set of still photos made into a video to supplement an audio track. We can assist you in creating a library of video or photography on mirrored drives with backup for long-term storage, or instant seek, and find by key tags.