It is the policy of our company to treat all customers with the utmost respect, and to follow the highest level of integrity in software licensing. The following policies have been adopted.

  • BACS will not install unlicensed software on any computer. The software licenses (e.g. original license activation keys) must accompany the computer for re-installation of the original software, or else alternative operating systems may be explored.  We provide some excellent non-Microsoft alternatives.
  • It is the general policy of BACS to deal in business-grade equipment. Refurbished business-grade equipment is often better quality and lower price than brand new consumer-grade computers.  We can custom build your computer to order.
  • BACS tests all equipment for functionality before it is offered. Any known defect will be listed in the sales sheet. Refurbished equipment may have minor scratches or signs of wear. New equipment will come with original manufacturer warranty.
  • BACS does not install networking or computers in private residences. We will however recommend a reputable contractor who will be able to assist in this kind of installation. BACS will service any computers, printers,  or networks delivered to us. Ask about special pickup arrangements.
  • BACS will install business networks and systems on site by appointment.  A service agreement must be signed prior to any work done. We guarantee confidentiality and non-disclosure of any information gained incidental to the work performed.
  • Purchased equipment carries a 30 day return policy with receipt.  Equipment must be returned as originally sold with all software and accessories included.  At the discretion of manager, an item returned damaged or missing a minor accessory may receive partial refund.
  • Customers must sign a repair Service Agreement for any equipment brought in.  After repairs, BACS will notify customer.   Any equipment remaining 45 days from time of notice will be disposed of at our discretion.
  • Opened consumables (ink, paper, pens, batteries, etc.) are non-refundable. They may however, if otherwise unused, be exchanged within 7 days for a like item of similar value at the discretion of the manager.
  • Rechargeable batteries (in laptops, etc.) are tested to hold charges of up to 1 hour. If a battery fails to hold a full-hour’s charge during the 30 day return period, it will be exchanged. Certain batteries are designed to hold less than an hour charge and will be so noted on the sales receipt as non-exchangeable.