Q. I have an computer that I like but I’m out of disk space.  Is there any way to replace the disk and still keep all my original stuff?  I have no idea where the installation disks are.

A.  BA’s can do same day drive swaps (*).  Nothing is lost in data or licensing in this process.  See our online store for pricing. (*pending new drive availability)

Q. I have used my space up on my device with pictures.  Can I get them off so I can watch them on my TV or regular computer?

A. BA’s loves to help you save your cherished photographs! We will respectfully record them to DVDs, another computer, or to inexpensive external media as you wish.

Q. I want to piece together my pictures and video clips to make a home movie.  I started it, but I need it finished out.  Can BA’s help?

A. Yes we can!  Whatever you have, we can massage it into the format you need.  We are able to increase audio, add background music, resize, add wording, and write out to DVDs for home video viewing on your TV.

Q. I’ve shopped for computers in the stores but none of them have exactly the right equipment I need.  How can BA’s help?

A. Chances are very good with the choices you provide that BA’s can find a high-quality business machine for you, and customize it to your needs within very reasonable cost.  Please tell us what you are looking for in our Free Quotation page, or shop BACS ONLINE now for a customized system.

Q. I have a decent computer but always have printing problems.  Is there a way to make my computer print without a lot of fuss.

A. Yes. The solution to this problem involves several factors from original printer purchase choice to how the printers are installed on your computer.  BA’s will need to know what operating system you are using, what kind of printer you have, and other details about how it is all connected.  (If it is wireless or connected to a router, there may be networking issues that are not printer specific.) Submit this information in the Quotation’s Page, and we’ll let you know what it will cost to resolve it all.  Please, do get a quotation before you purchase a new retail printer!  We can likely save you many headaches and money too.

Q. Can BA’s help me with my Apple devices?

A. Yes we can.  Most components can be replaced in-house. Software can be refreshed and updated.

Q. I broke my phone screen. Is it worth repairing?

A. Generally the higher end phones are definitely worth repairing, especially considering it will mean you won’t have to reset your device’s icons.   For less expensive phones, BA’s can usually replace smaller broken items with an identical item while successfully migrating data to the replacement device.  Do-it-your-selfers should beware–repairing screens is very tedious and requires special tools.  (Certain how-to web videos are highly edited in time, and the tedious nature of the process may cause you to lose parts, or completely destroy your phone.)

Q. I need to hookup my computer to the Internet in another room.  Can you help?

A. Certainly.   Incidental networking and other needs are available.

Q. It looks like you don’t do Microsoft–does BA’s repair Microsoft systems?

A. While we have found great alternatives to Microsoft products, we service all Microsoft systems, do virus removal, updates, and upgrades.   We also service Apple, Linux, Chromebook, and some non-computer systems.

Q. Does BA’s provide on-site IT services?

A. BA’s will come to your business to repair your systems on site or deliver new parts.  Travel time to your business is included in the costs at 1/2 the normal hourly contract rate.  No charge for local customers within city limits (Emory or Point).

Q. What else can BA’s provide?

A. BA’s offers help with Point of Sale system installations.  BACS is offering complete system installations for small businesses that do not currently have a POS installed.  Modern POS systems require that you have Internet service at your location–we assist in getting that installed for you, then proceed in reviewing the POS touch-screen and table-receipt device options with you.  A complete system can be installed in a few days, depending on how much time we have each day working around your busy schedule.

Q. Does BA’s do networking?

A. BA’s provides networking setups for the systems it installs.  Occasionally other non-BACS provided equipment may be serviced but we recommend you contact the installer of your equipment.   Types of networking include 1) wi-fi for visiting customers  2) establishing private internal networks for safe sharing of multiple computers inside your building without risk of exposure to outside hackers,  3) using networking to print 4) using networking to establish Internet access to multiple computers at one location 5) relocation of cabling.

Q.  I just need a few minutes of computer help for an online form.  Can I come in to get the help I need?

A. We encourage you to use the public library for free help on most basic needs, but if you do need a bit more assistance, B.A.’s would be delighted to help, and will keep whatever business you have strictly confidential.

 Q. Where can I get products you service?

A. We service a wide variety of products. Here are a few links to some retail outlets that carry electronics we service.
Born Anew Computer Store
Miscellaneous Ebay Store
Best Buy Electronics
Walmart Electronics
Fry’s Electronics