Time-Saving Online Job Search Tip – Dollar General

Time-Saving Online Job Search Tip – Dollar General

Applicants looking for a job run into unrealistic hurdles on various company job websites. Dollar General’s site, for example, requires that an applicant apply by the specific job type at a specific store. That sounds harmless until the applicant realizes that he would not be eligible for a similar job at the same store until he reapplies for that specific job. Your painfully entered application information or resume-upload IS NOT SHARED with neighboring stores and IS NOT AVAILABLE for consideration of any other job at the same store. Since the application process can take up to an hour on a fast Internet connection (woe to those in outlying regions without good Internet), this is a very time-consuming enterprise for a relatively low-paying job.

Apply somewhere else? While always an option, it misses the point. Managers at Dollar General are prohibited by company policy from accepting applications or resumes apart from the online job board. Thus the only option is to apply to every relevant job at every store in the areas you live. When done in a single sitting, there are some ways to shorten the process.

First understand, these steps are only necessary because Dollar General’s Job Application websites are terribly organized. The local store list brings up thousands of records sorted by store number, which means you either have to call the stores first (you do have all their phone numbers handy already right?) to get the store number, or scroll forever until you can find your store.   Best option initially is to select by zip code. But read on…


    1. Place your resume in a simple word or text document on the computer in which you will apply on-line. (If you do not have one, neatly print relevant information on a sheet a paper so you can easily copy from it into the on-line fields.)
    2. Modify the zip code in the following link to get listings relevant to your area: https://jobs-dollargeneral.icims.com/jobs/search?ss=1&searchLocation=zipRadius&latitude=&longitude=&searchZip=75410&searchRadius=5  (in miles)
    3. Bookmark the LINK! Put it on your browser’s toolbar where it is easy to click. This step is necessary because after applying for one job, Dollar General fails to provide a link to bring you back to these same listings. Just entering the search criteria consumes valuable time.
    4. Go through the application process on one of the jobs, and be sure to complete the entire process 100%, which includes the WOTC survey (they fail to tell you it is required). Time to complete everything is something like 45 minutes if you are a good typist and Internet stays up. When you get to the page that says “Thank You” and you get an acknowledgement email, congratulations, the process is completed for THAT job.
    5. Now REPEAT. Click the bookmarked job search, and reapply for every relevant job in local area. The site will remember your previous application mostly….it will ask you to complete the job assessment survey again but just click through it and it will tell you you did it already. It will also ask you to repeat the WOTC survey again, but again, just click through it and it will acknowledge done already. These ridiculous un-automated steps are necessary to insure that when you get to the store you will not be told “Oh, I see you applied for Lead Sales position, but what we need is just a Sales Position candidate. Go back and reapply.”


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