B. A. Computer Services announces new installation possibilities for Internet-based telephone services. While there are a few retail VOIP services out on the market, BA’s services will provide true multi-line business-type phone connectivity for small businesses at rates significantly lower than traditional phone companies.

BA CS will secure all equipment, accounts, and if necessary your Internet service on your behalf as part of the installation service. Our package fee includes 90 days of hands-on support with regard to your new phone system only. Internet connectivity issues must be referred to your Internet provider. No-charge long-term support is available online.

What is Involved

You must have quality and high-speed (+15Mbps) Internet services. This can be in the form of Satellite service, fiber, line-of-sight, or cable-Internet if it is available in your area. BA CS can research and establish this account on your behalf. Your Wi-Fi service will provide the telephony service to all cellular or desk phone devices in your building. Special software must be installed on each cellular device. Cell phone service is NOT required while within range of Wi-Fi. BA CS can also supply desk phones that support Wi-Fi technology. A properly configured system will allow calls to be transferred between desk phones, cell phones, or computer laptop extensions. You can answer calls on any device–cell phone, desk phone, or computer, and transfer if necessary.


  • Includes telemarketer/spam call elimination feature
  • Includes configurable automated-attendant (IVR) to route your calls by department or extensions
  • Supports laptops, tablets, cell phones, and other wi-fi capable devices
  • Includes configurable multi-extension simultaneous ringing
  • Includes configurable multi-extension hunting (ring ext 1, then 2, etc.)
  • Includes fixed caller-id (outbound calls always display main number)
  • All above capable between any several remote locations with wi-fi (where not restricted by local wi-fi provider)
  • Includes one-centralized or separate extension voicemail boxes
  • Includes audio voice message retrieval by email
  • Includes Corporate phone book entries with optional speed dials
  • And more!

Getting Started

CALL 903-662-8832 to schedule an appointment for free evaluation.

In an ideal installation, the entire system can be fully operational in 1-3 days. Some form of electronic payment will be required (bank authorization, credit/debit card, or a PayPal account).