Are you faced with the choice of high landline costs or no phone service at all for your organization? Try our prepaid Automated Attendant services! No Internet is required for basic services, and you can use an existing home phone or cellular phone without giving out your private phone number.

Each Automated Attendant comes with its own phone number, a Main Greeting, three (3) optional submenu greetings, and 4 voicemail boxes. Each voicemail box can be managed from any personal phone and will store 100 incoming messages for up to 90 days. All this is included for less than $20 per month!

For Example: Joe belongs to a non-profit organization where the monthly budget is fairly tight. Joe has a personal cell phone but does not want to publish his personal phone number. But Joe is responsible for getting the word out about the non-profit organization. Joe needs another phone number he can publish, but cannot be at the organization all the time to answer a phone. Joe also has several other associates that come and go periodically at the organization. Joe decides to sign up for the basic Automated Attendant with B.A. Computer Services.

Joe is assigned an unlimited inbound call phone number in the local area code and Joe promptly publishes the new number to the organization’s website. B.A. Computer sets Joe up with a main mailbox, and three other mailboxes. When someone calls the organization’s number, they will hear a customized greeting such as, “Hello, This is Joe’s Hobby Shack. To leave a general message for Hobby Lobby stay on the line or press 0 now. Press 1 now to leave a message for Hobby Aircraft. Press 2 for Hobby RC Cars. Press 3 for Hobby Boats. “ Each of the submenus may have its own detailed announcement. When the caller leaves a message, the message will stay in the mailbox for up to 90 days. Joe can check eachmailbox individually or have all messages routed to the main mailbox. Joe can also have the messages forwarded to his email and the email addresses of two other people to alert them. Joe never has to give out his own private number!

Joe never has to reveal his own private number! (Joe must never call the customer directly on his private line!)

For additional features, expand with Business Phone Call Routing Services!. With expanded features, Joe and his associates may make outbound calls using the Hobby Shack phone system. CallerID will only show the number of Joe’s Hobby Shack. The possibilities are nearly unlimited! Cost will vary with each additional service ordered.

Note1: Automated Attendant does not require Internet or landline installation in order for callers to hear the pre-recorded messages and menus to leave their own message on one of the four voicemail boxes.

Note2: In order for organization staff to hear the messages that are left in the voicemail boxes, they must have access to email, a cell phone, or they must dial in to the voicemail system with their PIN# from any private phone. Callers will not know how they are receiving the messages.

Note3: The Automated Attendant Basic system does not provision outbound calls. Outbound calls can be add with Automated Attendant Business package. All outbound calls will correctly show the organization’s caller ID number, or any number that the organization can verify that they own. (Using a number other than the inbound number requires special configuration.)